🚀About Space Alpaca

Users can trade, earn, and play in the Alpaca Metaverse crypto universe. It's the ideal way to gather support for new projects on the BNB Chain, such as AMM, NFT, and GameFi.

"You have the ability to be everything. Like alpacas, you can be any of the limitless numbers of things that people are."

💰Play to Earn

To players, Space Alpaca act as a Game-Fi to play and earn by staking their NFTs minted from the mystery boxes also enjoying the experience of Space Alpaca Metaverse.

About Space Alpaca

Space Alpaca (hereinafter $SPAL) represents the new trend in the Game-Fi 4.0 sector, which introduces diversity, social interaction, and a richer gaming experience into the world of blockchain gaming. SPAL not only stands for Space Alpaca but also represents the vision of the project, SPAL (Smart Play and Learn). SPAL is an emerging Game-Fi (Game Finance) project that embraces a concept different from traditional Game-Fi.

More than Just Play to Earn: Traditional Game-Fi typically relies on the model where players participate in games and earn cryptocurrencies or assets. However, SPAL offers a more diverse range of games and features, going beyond pure Play to Earn. This could mean that there are other engaging activities and interaction modes within the game. Space Alpaca Adventure is the first Play to Earn (P2E) game launched on the SPAL platform. This means players can engage in the game and earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency assets. The game is available for download and play on mobile platforms, making it accessible and convenient for players anytime, anywhere. Space Alpaca Adventure offers various gameplay options, which may gradually open up to players. These features could include NFT (Non-Fungible Token) staking mining, space farm management, and alpaca breeding, among others. This diversity allows players to have more activities and goals within the game.

NFT Staking Mining is a method of earning rewards that allows players to stake their NFT character assets in mining activities. The earnings from these activities are determined by the hashing power generated based on the rarity of the characters. Players with rarer characters can earn more token rewards, potentially increasing the value and utility of NFTs.


The smart chain solves the problem of decentralized and detrust, and through encryption algorithm, makes digital currency becomes a payment means based on virtual or specific environmental circulation and application.

Low Fee

The reason for choosing BSC is because it provides users with a lower fee while making transactions. Therefore, more people will participate in the Binance Smart Chain, which will greatly increase the player in Space Alpaca.


Since blockchain shows every transaction from every single contract, this ensures that anyone can go through every single transaction without a need for permission and this decreases the chance of being cheated.

About Space Alpaca Game-Fi

Space Alpaca Game-Fi is designed for users to play-to-earn by staking their alpaca NFTs where they can mint the NFT from the mystery box.

Mint Mystery Box

Stand a chance to earn an exclusive alpaca NFT to earn more in the Space Alpaca Game-Fi by unlocking the mystery box.


The price of the mystery box relies on the oracle algorithm where the price of buying a mystery box depends on the price of SPAL in the market. The reason why the development team choose to use price oracle is that :

Every new user will be offered the same price as the old users where the cost of minting the mystery box will not change to ensure fairness. Thus, the price of the mystery box would not be affected by the price of SPAL.

Stake NFT

Here is where the main usage of the minted NFT, the player can stake their NFT and play to earn. Just by staking the NFTs, it will harvest SPACE SHARD for the players. The SPACE SHARD can be traded or purchase new NFT in the marketplace.

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