🎲NFT Applications

NFT Market

The concept of a secondary market provides players with more freedom and flexibility to buy and sell their rare NFT characters. Players can price their rare NFT characters freely, meaning they can determine the price based on market demand and rarity. The secondary market offers players the opportunity to access a variety of different rare NFT characters. Players hoping to acquire specific NFTs can do so through the market, while players holding redundant NFTs can sell them. Using SPAL tokens for transactions can enhance payment and settlement efficiency and reduce transaction costs. With a secondary market, players can easily trade NFTs, increasing market liquidity. This is crucial for building a robust NFT ecosystem.

SPAL Game Incubation Pool

In the future, more games from different developers and project teams will be launched in the SPAL ecosystem. Allowing games from different developers and project teams to go live in the SPAL ecosystem increases game diversity, catering to the needs of different types of players. The game incubation pool offers an opportunity for players interested in new games to get involved early. They can stake SPAL within a specific timeframe to subscribe to the initial game release tokens, which helps them participate in the early development of the game and potentially enjoy dividends. The incubation pool can be seen as the launchpad for new game projects, providing them with funding and participants. This is crucial for the success of new games.

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