👀Mission and Vision


Bring inspiration and innovation to the public about blockchain possibility.

The Space Alpaca team exists to show the public what is blockchain capable of instead of just trading cryptocurrencies in the market. The team expects to bring an extraordinary experience to the public such as Game-Fi where the game consists of blockchain development.

To achieve our mission, first of all, the team starts with developing the main token of Space Alpaca which is the SPAL token. After that, the team proceed to develop the Game-Fi of Space ALpaca. with the main token and the upcoming sub token SPACE SHARD.


We realized that digital currency will have three major impacts on the world. This is what piqued our interest when we first learned about bitcoin.

  1. Innovation

  2. Efficiency

  3. Security


Imagine if anyone with a product concept could have clients all around the world from the start.

Due to the high friction of payments, many wonderful ideas never happen (or don't spread as quickly). It is a significant barrier to overcome while starting a business.

It shouldn't matter if you're a hot Silicon Valley firm or a 16-year-old in Mumbai with a new idea in the future. If you create something that people want, it should be available to everyone from the start.


Consider how fast, inexpensive, and global every payment in the world could be.

Payments can be exasperatingly sluggish and costly at times. Why is it that it takes longer to transmit money to Australia than it does to fly there? Why do bank transfers in the United States take three business days and do not work on weekends? Why is a 2–3 percent tax levied on practically every retail transaction in our economy (credit cards) when it is simply transporting bits from one data centre to another?

Each country and payment provider has its own proprietary system that does not readily link with others. Furthermore, the network effects of payments lead to monopolies or oligopolies in each market, resulting in stagnation.

If the world's payments ran on an open system that no single firm or country controlled, we'd see a big efficiency boost, similar to how email or SMS expanded as an open standard around the world.


Think about how safe it could be if everyone is holding the same ledger

Because blockchain technology is decentralized and dispersed, it is secure. There is no single point of failure, making it far more difficult to corrupt. Hacking into one portion of the system has no effect on the rest of it.

Every node in the decentralized blockchain is constantly organizing fresh data into blocks and chaining them together in "append-only" mode. This append-only structure is a critical component of blockchain security. No one on any node can change or delete data from previous blocks; they can only add to the chain. One of the primary security features of blockchain is that the chain may only be added to.

Participants can confirm transactions by referring to the chain. It eliminates the requirement for a centralized clearance authority.

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