Story of Space Alpaca

The alpacas reside in the Alpaca Empire, where they come from all backgrounds and work in various occupations. They collaborate and safeguard their homeland to guarantee the Alpaca Empire's future is bright and peaceful. As time goes by, the alpacas have become more robust and united. As their empire grows in power, they have built their own technology and society.

On a peaceful night, out of the window sounded a loud noise, the sleeping alpacas woke up in their sleep, the sky delimited a purple glow lightsaber. The alpacas were curious and worried about what had just happened. According to the expert, the unknown element came from space, and they named it SPACE SHARD. The alpacas form a team to investigate this unknown element to explore new technology for the alpaca empire. Therefore, the alpacas begin their journey towards space.

During their adventure, the alpacas encounter several challenges on their journey to outer space. They first meet a weird dungeon, where scary eyes stare at them. Out of nowhere, a giant werewolf attacked the alpacas as soon as they realized something was wrong, alerting them to the danger. The alpacas teamed together to battle the werewolf, and they were successful. However, this does not imply that the rest of their voyage will be without incident. Instead, it is only the beginning of their incredible journey.


SPACE SHARD is an element that the alpacas have never seen before and is waiting for them to discover. The Alpaca Empire was the first to establish the SPACE SHARD, which was founded by the alpacas. After conducting an extensive study on the SPACE SHARD, the alpacas discovered that the SPACE SHARD can be used to achieve tremendous technological advances. It is decided to establish an elite squad to search for additional SPACE SHARD in outer space in order to get more SPACE SHARD for future use.

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