đŸĻ™NFT Introduction

Space Alpaca will release several Exclusive Space Alpaca NFTs. These NFTs can be used to trade, stake and more features in future. The NFTs can be minted by the player by using SPAL which can be traded from PancakeSwap once SPAL is available for swapping.

The NFT is available for purchase at the Space Alpaca NFT Marketplace, where the developers are actively developing. The NFTs will be available once the marketplace is opened.

Old Mcdonald

Agriculture was the foundation of the Alpaca empire, and its hardworking peasants were instrumental in its growth. Old McDonald was a farmer in the Alpaca empire's south, and his country songs were well-known and circulated throughout the empire.


It sailed across the sea from the far north, full of passion and ambition, to the land of the Alpaca Empire. Continental's residents shivered at the mention of it. Ragnar is his name, and he is a formidable warrior with a worldwide reputation.


It is said that on the great land, there is a mystery stone with a magical sword standing in it. That individual will be king if they can extract the sword from the stone. And Arthur was the only one who was able to complete it.


The symbol of wisdom and sagacity, Merlin, the most famous sorcerer on the Alpaca continent, travelled among the royal families to support the rise of the Alpaca empire. It is said that Merlin built a healing Stonehenge for the Empire during the "Dark War" against foreign enemies 600 years ago, which laid the foundation for the empire's victory.

Alpaca Armstrong

Alpaca Armstrong has always been a mystery, with cutting-edge technology, and his best quote: "One tiny step for me, a giant leap for Alpaca Empire."

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